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"Big Flask Bong" 1000ML Upcycled Volumetric Flask Bong

"Big Flask Bong" 1000ML Upcycled Volumetric Flask Bong

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 Big Flask Bong

Every chemistry student has wondered at least once, "could I smoke out of that?" and I'm here to say that the answer is a resounding yes. This really is a big boy, and doesn't clear the fastest, so pace is key when smoking out of this piece. That being said its functional, made of borosilicate glass so its semi drop resistant, and overall just pretty nifty. Gift it to your science teacher for some extra credit points.

Measures 13" by 5"




Care Instructions

To clean, remove downstem and fill piece partially with rubbing alcohol (higher % alcohol works better), up to and past the line of tar buildup . It can be helpful to let the alcohol soak for a while and add a paper towel / scrubber material to help loosen stuck tar. Shake vigorously until inside of the piece becomes adequately clean.

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