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"Citrine Captivator" Vintage Handblown Upcycled Swirl Vase Bong

"Citrine Captivator" Vintage Handblown Upcycled Swirl Vase Bong

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As beautiful as it is delicate, this piece is made from a handblown piece of golden hued glass. It features a refined look, a gorgeous swirl patterning, and an air of class. Paired with a matching bowl.

DISCLAIMER: This piece is VERY light and delicate, it's unlikely that it would survive even a tip over, please keep that in mind if you decide to order it.

Measures 8 by 3



Care Instructions

To clean, remove downstem and fill piece partially with rubbing alcohol (higher % alcohol works better), up to and past the line of tar buildup . It can be helpful to let the alcohol soak for a while and add a paper towel / scrubber material to help loosen stuck tar. Shake vigorously until inside of the piece becomes adequately clean.

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